CDA IC and DR discussion on transcoding and transcription

by Maria Dimou (CERN)




Checkpoint meeting on the new transcoding infrastructure deployment and progress on the transcription product selected (MLLP).

  • 2021/01/11 meeting conclusions here on the MLLP pilot outcome and the upcoming Call-for-Tender.
  • 2020/01/09 meeting conclusions here on the new infrastructure (transcoding) and the two candidate transcription tools.
  • Notes since then on WIPO S2T and MLLP transcription tools by Ruben here.
  • Transcription requirements' document by Jean-Yves here.
  • Technical student proposal here (approved - not retained).
  • Student internship project on MLLP post-processing here (accomplished).
  • 2020/03/31 meeting conclusions  here.
  • 2020/05/25 meeting conclusions  here.
  • 2020/09/21 meeting conclusions here.

The meeting room is booked, in case restrictions are lifted. Zoom info available in addition as material (restricted).