sFGD beam test analysis

    • 5:00 PM 5:20 PM
      Update on the reconstruction 20m
      Speaker: Abraham Meles Teklu (Stony Brook University (US))
    • 5:20 PM 5:40 PM
      Inivisible scattering update : vertices spread (2) 20m
      Speaker: Guang Yang (Stony Brook University)
    • 5:40 PM 5:50 PM
      Meeting Minutes 10m
      Speaker: Dr Ciro Riccio (Stony Brook University (US))
      Attendees: Guang Yang (GY), Ciro Riccio (CR), Shih-Kai Lin (SKL), David Last (DL), Andriaseta Sitraka (AS), Chang Kee Jung (CK), Wilf Shorrock (WS), Vittorio Paolone (VP), Eric Chong (EC), Christopher Mauger (CM), Dana Douqa (DD), Perri Zilberman (PZ), Abraham Meles Teklu (AT), Sunwoo Gwon (SG), Martin Tzanov (MT),   
      Link to indico:
      Abraham Meles Teklu - Update on the reconstruction
      • DL: Are you using the same selection you presented thee weeks ago?AT: yes
      • GY: How many minimum voxels you require? AT: 5 voxels. GY: This is why there is drop at the end of the spectrum.
      • CK: In general it is better to have 1D plots.
      • CK: FV cut should reject the background coming from outside.
      • WS: I was seeing something similar but applying a XY FV cut I could reject this background. 
      • CK: Entering from outside doesn’t mean that the particles are not beam related. Most likely what you see is related with beam GY: I think this is due to interactions in collimator. 
      Guang Yang  - Invisible scattering update : vertices spread
      • CK: The beam width better tuned with the second layer interaction, not the first layer
      • DL: Slide 6: In which view you mean left and right? GY: XZ.
      • CK: Why you don’t see the same distribution for left and right? GY: There are some canceling effects. 
      • CK: Slide 7: is the detector tilted? GY: Yes.
      • CK: Slide 8: What is the relation between slide 8 and 6? GY: On slide 8 I have plotted data.
      • CK: Slide 6: Why you don’t have the black points in the first bins? GY: The value is really high. CK: It is better to show this kind of things.  
      • GY: Guassian width seems to be a better observable for the spread of the beam.
      • CK: Slide 12: We should try reducing the x-sec.
      • CK: We can add another parameter in the fitter to handle how the invisible scattering change the z-shape.
      • DL: How do you want handle invisible scattering? GY: Applying correction to data based on MC. CK: I wouldn’t do it.