EMI SA2.6 Testbeds - Preparation Meeting



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Meeting SA26, May 31, 1430

- People involved
- Preliminary discussion about task definition
- Next Steps and Actions

Participants: Alberto(CERN), Tomasz(CERN), Danilo(INFN), Gianni(CERN), Morris(Ulich), Fabio(INFN), Claudio (Cineca)


Alberto: defining people involved in the task. Danilo-INFN will be task leader, in charge of coordinating meeting and SA2.6 task activity.
Morris: Juelich replaces FZJ in SA2.6 participant list + we can consider ICM as volunteer.

Danilo: What is actually in charge of SA2.6 regarding Certification SA1/JRA1/PT? What will the contribution of PT be?

Glite/Unicore are represented in the task (INFN,CERN + Juelich) and partners are supposed to provide HW for testbeds.
Arc has no representative partenrs in this task, but bigger partners are supposed to provide HW for Arc too.
In previous EMI discussions it was suggested that PT should provide/mantain a service instance aligned to latest available production Release. PT are not forced to provide the HW for that instance, but should provide effort for maintenance

Certification is in charge of PT, with SA1 people in each PT. SA1 will anyway request some HW for certifying the integration with other services.

Danilo: Testbed requests. Better to have a single SA1 contact to manage such requests in order to keep control of HW required and to coordinate the access to that HW

Alberto: There will be a contact person for each WP and Area. SA2.6 customers will be SA1 + SW Area leaders, SA2.6 providers will be task participants + volunteers involved in large-scale tests.

Danilo: Current status of testbed Survey: HW resources / procedures/ tools Practises
Danilo will compile a form with questions to collect info about current integration testing testbed resources/procedure/practises in each product (Arc,Glite,Unicore) and ask people from (gLite/Unicore/Arc) to compile it. People involved in the survey: Danilo INFN,Tomasz:CERN Infrastructure , Gianni:GLITE certification/integration testing procedure/practises, Björn Hagemeier (suggested by Morris) with contribution from Claudio-CINECA (Unicore), ARC contact Jozef Cernak, Kocan Marek.

After Collecting information, Danilo will produce a summary of current situation and a draft proposal for testbed provision model: request channels, setup and partners identification, documentation, etc...

Alberto/Morris: Document associated with testbed defining it.
Other than a procedure for requesting a testbed, for each testbed provided there must be a public document (twiki?) describing:
- People/Sites involved in the testbed
- People using the testbed
- HW resources provided and metrics
- Services Provided in the testbed with a "Status Map" describing the version of service and configuration.

Morris: Central Services.  It will be necesary to provide for certification purpose a number of istances of central services from which many other services depend (ex. information provider (bdii), voms and its equivalent in other product...), with associated status maps

Danilo: Success criteria for SA2.6 are availability/reliability of testbed. Should we consider SAM tests?
Alberto: just nagios statistics (uptime)
Tomasz: CERN infrastructure is monitored with respect to availability but not to user usage. So we can't currently derive a metric telling us who is using it and when.

Alberto: Platforms. We need to know soon about Platforms to be supported in testbeds: sl4 32, sl5 64,32?

Alberto: mailing list for testbed. We use sa2 mailing list with a "testbed" prefix

Danilo: Testbed Weekly meeting (monday 1430). Danilo is in charge of running it but not setting a weekly testbed meeting for now. Next meeting will be  after the model proposal to discuss it. 

Gianni: should we use savannah for tracking actions,task? We can send a mail to sa2 mailing list to decide.

- Danilo, form for collecting information actual resources and practises.
- Danilo: draft proposal
- Tomasz, Gianni, Bjorn, Josef, Kocan (compile the Testbed description form), provide feedback on testbed situation survey.
- Alberto: provide feedback on platform requirements

Next Steps:
- Survey for actual testbed situation definition
- Wednesday meeting for SA2 

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