ISOLDE Seminar

Magnetic moment calculations in nuclear isomeric states

by Prof. Nikolay Minkov (Institute of Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)


The magnetic dipole moment is known to be a sensitive characteristic of single-particle (s.p.) properties stemming from the shell structure of the atomic nucleus. In this talk it will be shown that the magnetic moment could be used as a probe of the influence of the shape deformation on the s.p. configurations responsible for the formation of high-K isomers in even-even nuclei. Calculations made within a deformed shell model (DSM) with BCS pairing suggest a rather pronounced sensitivity of the magnetic moment to the octupole deformation pointing out that its precise measurement in high-K isomeric states could allow one to determine their deformation characteristics [1,2]. The same theoretical approach was used [3] to predict the magnetic dipole moment in the 8 eV isomer of 229Th showing a surprisingly good agreement with measurements made at the same time. These results show that the simple DSM plus BCS calculations can provide reasonable estimates for the magnetic dipole moment and the related nuclear structure characteristics through the consideration of certain deformation in the s.p. potential. Under this physical condition the approach could be used for predicting the magnetic properties of nuclei in less studied or newly explored mass regions.


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