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Alexander Howard (Imperial College (GB))
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Geant4 Web-page Redesign Task Force
Alexander Howard
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Minutes (from AH):

  1. Marc gave an introduction to the Task Force and covered its mandate - see linked talk. We need to have a name
    • my suggestion: Website Task Force (WTF?), I guess prefixing G4 is unnecessary?
  2. It was agreed that we retain an ad hoc membership of the Task Force beginning with those present. We should consider if others can be encouraged to contribute as things gain momentum. There are 3 main work topics (the last of these should obviously have as much input as possible):

    • Infrastructure/git/CI

    • Layout

    • Content

  3. Scope of the work was discussed

    • public web-pages (especially content for users) and front page

    • steering board/internal information

    • work on the working group content should be handed over to the WG themselves with technical support from us

  4. DRUPAL was discussed at length and it was decided that dropping it would make a lot of sense. What to do with the existing content is an ongoing discussion:

    • One feedback (from Susanna) actually preferred the web-interface for DRUPAL as opposed to git-based. To address this we should have clear instructions on creating new content and assist where possible. Generally once people get used to it the new framework should be beneficial for content creators as well as readers.

    • archive/create notes from historical content. We have nearly 2000 pages of content, so a 1:1 migration does not make sense (besides the lack of relevance of and bad organisation of some of the material).

    • how to handle the steering board internal section? There are a lot of inter-relational links which would need to be migrated. Alternatively we could create a static archive from drupal. Gunter to think about what makes more sense.

  5. Internal virtual seminars for the collaboration has been discussed (outside of the CM) and having one of these to introduce the re-working of the website would be ideal.

  6. In creating the prototype web-pages it was realised that some material is badly placed - particularly the advanced examples. The descriptions should naturally fall under documentation but instead are either READMEs in the source code or separate web-pages un-related to the documentation. The re-working is a good opportunity to address this.

  7. Keeping things up to date:

    • The publications and presentations section has particularly fallen behind on the current web-site.

    • As Makoto and Alex are now part of the publications board this is a good opportunity to combine efforts!

  8. Work plan - begin with content for (new) users:

    • Constructing a new web-site completely -> about 100-200 pages

    • Reviewing what's on the current web-site and archiving as notes material which is no longer current

    • Direct migration of pages which are needed

  9. Hosting

    • The git repo will be moved to CERN gitlab and a web-site domain created which will host EOS files

  10. Internal:

    • a separate git repo needs to be created for internal access control of things like steering board minutes and content

    • .htaccess control should facilitate the permissions of this separate repo

    • needs to be setup

Action Items:

A1: Ben to create a separate repo for the internal content

A2: Ben to support/create a how-to README for contributing to the project, Jekyll based.

A3: Gunter to create a web-domain for the prototype migration and EOS space

A4: Gunter to think about how to migrate the drupal pages which need to be kept and have internal linking (e.g. steering board pages).

A5: Makoto to think about how to keep content up to date, especially for publication and presentations

A6: Anna, Grigorii and Dmitri to help setup the how-to documentation and assist where needed in the common effort.

A7: ALL: Look at the prototype web-site and our current content and start to think about what needs to be migrated, archived or missing content added.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 6th January 2021 @ 18h CET.

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    • 6:00 PM 6:10 PM
      TF Mandate and Intro 10m

      Describe the mandate of the Web-page redesign Task Force

      Speaker: Marc Verderi (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))
    • 6:10 PM 6:30 PM
      Current Status of Prototype 20m

      Current status of prototype web-page and gathering of feedback

      Speaker: Anna Zaborowska (CERN)
    • 6:30 PM 6:50 PM
      Discussion 20m

      General discussion and next steps

      Speaker: Alexander Howard (Imperial College (GB))