ASP Online Seminars: Professional Learning Communities for STEM Training, Research and Outreach—The case of Ethiopian Scientific and Academic Network

by Prof. Abebe Kebede (North Carolina A&T State University, USA)



Ethiopia has several higher education institutions with a variety of experiences and priorities. The primary objectives of these institutions are to produce white-collar workers, teachers, and the work force for mining, textiles, construction, agricultural industries. Higher education and scientific research is a relatively young enterprise in Ethiopia. Following the deliberations of higher education meetings and the literature on African higher education there is a growing advocacy on structural changes in higher education, North-South institutional linkages, mobilization of the African/Ethiopian Diaspora and funding. The growing internet use and the quality of information exchange among borderless expertise may allow in a limited way to enhance the virtual mobility of the intellectual asset; effectively reversing brain drain. The Ethiopian Scientific and Academic Network (ESAN) would facilitate and enhance international scientific partnerships between Ethiopian scientists, educators, students and their counterparts elsewhere. We will discuss networking models where the Ethiopians and their colleagues will play a major role in addressing the financial and human resources needs of higher education in Ethiopia.

Organized by

Prof. Abebe Kebede

  • Abebe Kebede
  • Abraham Tibebu
  • Andrew Zulu
  • Azwinndini Muronga
  • Dagmawi Tadesse
  • Farida Fassi
  • Feven Markos Hunde
  • Francisco Fenias Macucule
  • Getnet Gebreegziabher
  • Herman White
  • Jean Baptiste FANKAM FANKAM
  • Jerusalem Teklu
  • Justina Achuka
  • Ketevi Adikle Assamagan
  • Malik Maaza
  • Masimba Paradza
  • Mirjana Povic
  • Mounia Laassiri
  • Randa Yerrou
  • Sekazi Mtingwa
  • somiealo Azote
  • Soumaya Manai
  • Stephen Nyaranga
  • Tarekegn Sarbessa
  • Toivo Samuel Mabote
  • Tsige Atilaw
  • Yassine El Ghazali
  • Zeleke Beyoro Amado
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