EuCAPT Virtual Colloquium


by Prof. Pasquale Blasi (Gran Sasso Science Institute)

On-line only (CERN)

On-line only



Abstract: The precision data collected by AMS-02 on charged astrophysical messengers, together with the increasing quality and quantity of data in the gamma ray band, have uncovered numerous rather odd and often unexpected aspects of particle acceleration and transport that are forcing us to look at cosmic rays in a different way. I will provide a general overview of these new findings and discuss some of the developments that they are leading to. Special emphasis will be given to a view in which these charged particles are viewed as electric currents propagating through the sources, around the sources and through the Galaxy. Such a picture provides a description of the way that cosmic ray affect and are affected by the system in which they propagate. This view leads us to numerous implications both from the theoretical and phenomenological point of view with far reaching consequences: a renaissance in this field.

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The video of the presentation will be available shortly after the event.