ASP Online Seminars: Radiation Protection in Diagnostic Radiology

by Dr Justina Achuka (Covenant University, Nigeria)



Radiation protection is a subject of global concern. Worldwide, radiation exposure from diagnostic radiology is fast increasing and it has become a great concern. Dramatic explosion in imaging technology and the extensive use of these modalities are responsible for the increased exposure. This seminar will discuss radiation protection in diagnostic radiology with emphasis on x-ray imaging. Some topics that will be considered includes: history of radiation protection and x-ray, x-ray technology, low ionizing radiation with regards to x-rays and the health implications, use of x-ray in medical diagnosis, radiation dosimetry, variability in radiation dose, radiation protection of patients, ALARA principle, quality control and quality assurance, diagnostic reference levels among others.

Organized by

Dr. Justina Achuka (alumna of ASP2014)

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Ketevi Adikle Assamagan
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