CERN Colloquium

SPECIAL COLLOQUIUM : Building a Commercial Space Launch System and the Role of Space Tourism in the Future (exceptionally on Tuesday)

by Will Whitehorn (President of Virgin Galactic)

222/R-001 (CERN)



222-R-001 Please note the unusual date !
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The talk will explore a little of the history of space launch systems and rocketry, will explain why commercial space tourism did not take off after Apollo, and what is happening right now with commercial space systems such as Virgin's, utilising advances in aerospace technology not exploited by conventional ground-based rocket systems. I will then explain the Virgin Galactic technology, its business plan as a US-regulated space tourism company, and the nature of its applications. I will then go on to say a little of how our system can be utilised for sub-orbital space science based on a commercial business plan
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Ignatios Antoniadis and John Ellis --------------------- Tea and coffee will be served at 16:00, please note the unusual date and place !

There is a live webcast for this event