Apr 3 – 5, 2021
Africa/Algiers timezone


University of Mohamed Boudiaf (UMB) in M'sila is pleased to host the second workshop in High Energy Physics (HEP). The graduate workshop is dedicated to early stage PhD and Master students. Specialized lectures and tutorials will provide appropriate training to students working in the phenomenology and experimental directions of particle physics.
The Standard Model (SM) of the electroweak and strong interactions is extremely successful in explaining most of the measurements in particle physics at high energies accessible today. However, there are several questions which remain un-answered. Among these un-explained mysteries the neutrino mass and mixing, the nature of Dark Matter (DM) as one of the most striking and hot research topics nowadays; and the origin of the Baryon Asymmetry (BAU) of the Universe.  Nonetheless there appears to be a need for physics beyond the SM at about the weak scale, with additional features that could explain the presence of DM in the universe and provide a mechanism to naturally stabilize the Higgs boson mass with its observed value of  125 GeV.
The program includes a variety of specialized lectures. During the morning sessions, the lectures will cover the SM of particle physics and beyond, Collider Physics, Cosmology, Neutrino Physics, DM searches and QCD Physics where major theoretical and experimental constraints will be discussed. During the afternoon sessions, given tutorials will allow the students to deal with  HEP tools. The expected Hands-on sessions will provide students the ability to get training  and eventually tackle a real physics analysis. In  addition, the machine learning tutorial will cover programming basics and machine learning concepts in High Energy Physics.

The workshop outline will cover theoretical and practical introductions of the following topics:

1.     Introduction
2.     Where do we stand in High Energy Physics ? Theory and Experiment.
3.     Standard Model and Beyond.
4.     Cosmology.
5.     Collider Physics.
6.     Dark Matter Searches.
7.     Hands-on: HEP tools for the LHC physics and future colliders.
8.     What's next and how to proceed tackling BSM searches ?
9.     QCD Physics and event generators.
10.   Machine Learning (ML) in HEP.

- Please note students are no required to give presentations (oral/poster)  during the event.

- The lectures will be recorded and the corresponding links will be posted after each lecture.

Technical pre-requisites:

  • Laptop with WiFi connectivity.
  • Linux platform (in preference).
  • ROOT and MadGraph tarballs will be provided.
  • Last but not least, interested in High Energy Physics (HEP)

Registration Deadline: 31 March 2021.

  •             Essma Redouane-Salah (UMB, Msila) (Chair)
  •             Rachik Soualah (Univeristy of Sharjah & ICTP )
  •             Amine Ahriche (University of Sharjah & ICTP)
  •             Ettayib Bensaci (UMB, Msila)  
  •             Marouane Habib Heraiz (UMB, Msila)
  •             Sakina Boudissa (UMB, Msila)   


  •            Marjorie Shapiro ( University of California Berkeley, USA)
  •            Cherifa Sabrina Amrouche (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
  •            Rachid Mazini (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
  •            Amine Ahriche (University of Sharjah, UAE & ICTP)
  •            Salah Nasri ( United Arab Emirates University & ICTP)
  •            Adil Jueid (Konkuk University, South Korea)
  •            Dalila Salamani  (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
  •            Rachik Soualah (University of Sharjah & ICTP )


The workshop will be held online through ZOOM platform from 03 to 05 April 2021.
University of Mohamed Boudiaf (UMB), M'sila, Algeria.