Dec 5, 2023

Indico 3.3

We're happy to announce the deployment of Indico 3.3! This release brings a lot of new features and improvements, including a new Check-in app, accessibility improvements (a11y), document generation and a whole lot more.

The full change log can be found here.

♿️ Accessibility improvements (a11y)

The accessibility of Indico has been improved in this release, in-line with the WCAG 2.1. This means that Indico is now easier to use by people with disabilities, including those who are blind, deaf, or have limited mobility. Notable improvements include:

  • Making language selection, timezone selection and search functionalities more accessible to those using screen readers
  • Improving accessibility of registration form fields
  • Preventing icons from being read out by screen readers
  • Including the selected language in the page metadata (for screen readers)
  • More screen reader-friendly CAPTCHA when registering for events and creating an Indico account

📱 Check-in app

The existing Indico check-in mobile application has been completely rewritten. Instead of a native app released on two separate platforms (Google Play Store and Apple App Store), it is now a progressive web app (PWA) which can be easily installed on the two major phone OSs (Android and iOS) and used offline. The new app is compatible with any Indico instances running version 3.3 (currently that's only the CERN instance and the JACoW instance) - you can access the app here.

🧾 Document generation

A long-awaited feature: Indico now supports the generation of fully customizable PDF documents. You can create receipts, certificates of attendance or any other document you might need. Once generated, participants can download their documents from the registration page.


Note that creating document templates requires knowledge of HTML and CSS and for security reasons is restricted to Indico admins. Document templates are created at the category level and are available to all events within that category (and its subcategories).

📅 “By Weekday” Recurring Bookings

The Room Booking module now supports recurring bookings that repeat on specific weekdays. For example, you can now create a recurring booking that repeats every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday over a set period of time.

⚖️ Privacy improvements (GDPR compliance)

Users can now export a copy of all their personal data stored in Indico.

🔗 Auto-linker for minutes

This feature allows Indico administrators to define specific text patterns which will be automatically linked when the patterns are used in minutes. This will save you time when adding links to e.g. ticketing systems, issue trackers or any other external systems. This feature is available for both the Markdown and HTML editor.

🔐 ACLs for menu entries

When adding custom menu entries to an event, event organizers can now restrict who can view those entries. For example, you can configure a custom event page to be visible only to participants registered with a specific registration form.

🇮🇹 Ciao Indico!

Italian has been added as a new language in Indico. This was done thanks to a team of volunteer translators who worked hard to make Indico even more familiar to the more than 65 million italian speakers around the world. We promise the translation is pineapple-free.

Want to help us translate Indico into your language? Learn more here.

📈 Other improvements and small features

  • Paper Editors are now allowed to edit their review comments
  • The number of future months shown in a category is now configurable
  • Support for generating tickets and badges for each of the registrant’s accompanying persons (this includes CERN visitor badges!)

We hope you enjoy using Indico 3.3!