Solid is a standard, an ecosystem, a movement and a community initiated by Sir Tim Berners-Lee,
that allows people to take control over their own data, i.e. where they are stored and who has access to them. It combines existing W3C standards and is built on top of the existing Web.

Quick access to selected documents:
1. Solid FAQs
1. CERN-Solid collaboration chat here.
2. The CERN-Solid Proof of Concept project by Jan Schill - IT University of Copenhagen. Successfully completed.
3. Follow-up project for a Community Solid Server installation/configuration at CERN by Τhéo Martin Meyer - IT University of Copenhagen. On-going.
4. Future project for creating CERN users' profiles on Solid pods. Resources requested.
4. Solid server CERN-own instance policy document
5. Solid Technical Reports

What follows is the index of events on the collaboration between CERN (mostly IT-CDA) developers and the Solid project.
For more info contact Maria Dimou - CERN-Solid collaboration manager.