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Meetings concerning the Initiative for Dark Matter in Europe and beyond (iDMEu), focused towards facilitating communication and result sharing in the Dark Matter community.

Update 07/2022

We are working on the online infrastructure for the dark matter meta-repository. For a recent update, see the presentation by Federica Petricca at JENAS 2022: Link to talk


Understanding dark matter, how it was produced in the early universe, what its nature is and where it is located in the cosmos is one of the fundamental physics problems of our century.
The community working on dark matter is active and diverse, including particle physics theorists, cosmologists and astrophysicists with a wide range of interests, as well as particle physics experimentalists focusing on collider, fixed-target, beam-dump, direct and indirect DM detection experiments, as well as dedicated axion/ALP experiments.
Given the diversity of the dark matter community, discovering or constraining dark matter requires broad discussions.

Our goals

iDMEu enables to exploit synergies and to highlight the complementarity of different dark matter communities by:
developing a common platform to facilitate (and participate in) new cross-community scientific collaborations
collecting dark matter resources in an online meta-repository
helping communicate a common dark matter story for different audiences.

Concretely, that means:
Organizing regular 'town-hall' meetings, with a focus on:

1) the challenges faced by each community and the way ahead,

2) the cross-communication among the communities.
Creating a meta-repository of DM resources (work in progress on

More information :

The data privacy note for the iDMEu public meetings can be found here:

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