LCD-WG Engineering (including Layout, Solenoid, Cost)

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  • Hubert Gerwig
  • Kate Ross
  • Konrad Elsener
  • Lucie Linssen

This WG coordinates the effort on engineering, layout and costing for a future CLIC detector, including: • Detailed layout and dimensions of the detector components (i.e. magnet system including the superconducting solenoid, all sub-detectors, vacuum components, services, integration of QD0 and intra-train feedback system)
• Realistic magnetic field maps
• Studies of detector vibration and its mitigation
• Push-Pull scenarios
• Realistic cost estimate for a detector
The scope of this activity also includes linking with the CLIC MDI activities and the study group for the solenoid.
Conveners: Konrad Elsener, deputy-convener: Hubert Gerwig

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