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  • Hannes Bartosik
  • Matthew Alexander Fraser
  • Wolfgang Bartmann

Chairperson: Karel CORNELIS

Deputy Chairperson: Hannes BARTOSIK

Scientific Secretary: Matthew FRASER

The MSWG mandate is to oversee the performance of beams in the CERN accelerator complex, with the exception of the LHC. The responsibilities include specifically to:

• Propose the strategy for and coordination of machine studies, following-up the analysis and results.

• Establish and maintain a yearly machine development schedule with main objectives and milestones.

• Analyse the beam performance with respect to the required present and future performance, maintaining a list of problems and possible improvements. In particular, follow-up studies to understand machine activation from beam losses.

• Oversee the development of new beams and their integration into the injector complex.

• Make proposals to use the injector complex as LHC test bed.

• Recommend possible machine upgrades.

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