EMI-SA2.6 Testbed Meeting: First EMI TESTBED setup



AGENDA: - Updates on savannah #task 16337: opened on the sa26 squad: requested to all members to fill the twiki with HW currently available for testbed (mentioned in the survey). Tracking available HW and service installed with the new template standard - Updates on savannah #task 16307: survey on what services in task 16337 have nagios, plan to monitor all services in sa2 testbed. - Centralized NAGIOS Instance for Testbed purposes? - Update on savannah PT squads creation - TOMASZ: Custom BDII: which CE/WN resources to publish? Existing solution inherited from CERN certification testbed - AOB EVO details: Title: EMI-SA2.6 Description: weekly meeting of EMIsa26 group Community: Universe Password: emisa26 Meeting Access Information: - Meeting URL http://evo.caltech.edu/evoNext/koala.jnlp?meeting=MIM9Ms292lD2De9i9lDa9I - Password: emisa26 - Phone Bridge ID: 2069847 Password: 6598
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