OSSYM Spring Workshop – Webmeeting on Open Search

Web Meeting

Web Meeting

Andreas Wagner (CERN) , Christian Guetl (TU Graz) , Michael Granitzer (University of Passau) , Stefan Voigt (osf)

Discuss interdisciplinary aspects of Open Search Technology

The web meeting will allow interested parties to come together for a couple of hours to listen to keynotes and perspectives on Open Internet Search and to discuss and prepare ideas for the Open Search Symposium to be hosted at CERN in October.

Organisational Information:

The meeting will be held as a web-based meeting using videoconferencing facilities at CERN.

Interested participants should register at https://indico.cern.ch/e/OSSYM-2021-Web-Meeting, and will be provided access
details for the meeting.

Organizing committee:

Dr. Andreas Wagner, CERN
Prof. Dr. Christian Guetl , TU Graz
Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer, Univ. Passau
Dr. Stefan Voigt, Open Search Foundation

Further information:
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