Oct 12 – 14, 2020
Web Meeting
Europe/Zurich timezone

12-14 October 2020
Web Meeting hosted by CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Dear Experts, Supporters and Friends of Open Internet Search,

The 2nd international Open Search Symposium (OSSYM 2020) was held as a fully web-based, remote event, hosted by CERN. This event allowed us to dive even deeper into the societal, scientific and technical aspects of open and distributed internet search.

As you know the pandemic has tremendously boosted digital activities of individuals, society and economy as a whole. This continues to underpin how important it is to ensure that orientation in the digital sphere, as well as the access to digital knowledge, information and services via the internet remains neutral, open, democratic and in a privacy respecting way.

As you know, the development of a European Open Internet search community and infrastructure involves expertise from many different scientific and technical fields. It requires profound understanding of internet search technologies and new thinking for services and innovative applications, to be built on an open and distributed Internet search infrastructure in and for Europe.

The Third International Symposium on Open Search Technology will take place at CERN from 11-13 October 2021. More information will be published in due time.

The OSSYM conference contributions are published in the "Open Search Foundation Zenodo Community" at https://zenodo.org/communities/opensearch

On behalf of the symposium/organizing committee,
Dr. Andreas Wagner, CERN
Prof. Dr. Christian Guetl , TU Graz
Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer, Univ. Passau
Dr. Stefan Voigt, open search foundation

Web Meeting
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