The CERN-Solid talk at HEPiX Spring 2021

by Jan Schill, Maria Dimou (CERN)



The slides are also available from the official event page:

The recording is also included on the above page. This is important because it contains the demo of the Indico Contents' development and the Questions/Answers session.


In this talk we shall introduce the Solid project, launched by Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 2016, as a set of open standards aiming to re-decentralize the Web and empower users’ control over their own data. Solid includes standards, missing from the original Web specifications, giving back to the users ownership of their data, private, shared, and public, choice on the storage where these data reside and control over who has access to them. A brief overview of the Solid specifications, existing implementations and the test suites will be presented. Then our CERN-Solid project will be explained, in which a Solid Proof of Concept (PoC) is being developed, in the form of Indico extensions. Indico being a very popular application and not wishing to store users’ personal data, the PoC consists of implementing two extensions (for users’ Comments in Indico meetings and Personal data in Conference registrations) to be held in the users’ Solid pods and not in Indico. The development design and the architecture and software choices will be explained.

Please contact Maria Dimou for further information on the CERN-Solid collaboration.