August 30, 2021 to September 3, 2021
University of Innsbruck
Europe/Zurich timezone

【154】Hybrid semiconductor-metal plasmonic waveguide for on-chip sensors in the longwave infrared

Sep 2, 2021, 5:45 PM
Room A

Room A

Talk Condensed Matter Physics (KOND) Condensed Matter Physics


Mauro David (Vienna University of Technology)


The longwave-infrared holds various applications ranging from sensing and imaging to optical free-space communication. The increasing demand for miniaturized systems requires the development of compact photonic networks between on-chip optoelectronic components such as lasers, detectors and modulators. To resolve this challenging task, we introduce and experimentally demonstrate a novel type of broadband semiconductor-metal surface-plasmon-polariton waveguide, consisting of a Ge-on-Au structure. It shows total waveguide losses as low as 10.5 dB/mm at 9.5 μm, which remain <20 dB/mm for the entire spectral range between 6–12 μm. This paves the way for a wide range of on-chip applications using novel longwave-infrared integrated systems.

Primary author

Mauro David (Vienna University of Technology)


Ms Alicja Dabrowska (Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics, TU Wien, Vienna, Austria) Masiar Sistani Mr Erik Hinkelmann Ismail Doganlar (Institute of Solid State Electronics and Center for Micro- and Nanostructures, TU Wien, Vienna, Austria) Hermann Detz (Brno University of Technology) Walter Michael Weber Bernhard Lendl (TU Wien) Gottfried Strasser (TU Wien) Borislav Hinkov (TU Wien)

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