Two week long workshop with several talks throughout the day and virtual coffee breaks. The first week will focus on quantum sensing and the second will focus on quantum computing.


Topics for Week One: 

  1. The future experimental landscape

  2. The theory landscape and motivations

  3. A global overview of experimental efforts and local opportunities

  4. Complementarity with cosmology


Topics for Week Two: 

  1. Simulations of Quantum Field Theories

  2. Applications of Quantum Computing to Collider Physics

  3. Overview of current and future hardware

  4. Classical and Quantum Algorithms 


Organisers: Matthew McCullough (TH), Dorota Grabowska (TH), Simon Knapen (TH), Michael Doser (EP), John March-Russell (Oxford), Sofia Vallecorsa (IT, OpenLabs), Karl Jansen (DESY), Stefano Carrazza (Milan).