June 29, 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone

Scienza, Arte, Letteratura: Lingue, Culture, Narrazioni che si incrociano



AIPI is an association including all teachers teaching Italian outside Italy. For this event on 28-30.Jun.2021, 250 participants from all over the world (Italy, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Japan, all Europian countries) are already subscribed. Due to the pandemic situation the event will be entirely online (no physical presence as intended originally in 2020). The visit at CERN (virtual visit at CMS) is a part of their free program in the 3-day-conference which will take place in Tuesday afternoon 29.Jun.2021.

Organizers: UniGE, IUFE (Istitut Universitaire de Formation des Enseignants), Unità d'Italiano, DIP (Etat de Genève, partner), Italian Consulate (partner), Istituto Cultura Italiana di Zurigo (partner)