Academic Training Lecture Regular Programme

Statistics for Particle Physicists (1/4)

by Glen Cowan (Royal Holloway, University of London)


The growing complexity of the particle physics analyses has made a good understanding of complex statistical tools an essential part of the education of a particle physicist. This series of lectures will present the basis of statistics, current analysis tools and will discuss the most relevant statistical techniques used in particle physics analysis.

Short bio: Prof. Glen Cowan

PhD in Physics 1988 from University of California, Berkeley, with thesis on pi/K/p production in e+e- collisions with the TPC/two-gamma experiment at PEP.

1988-1998, postdoc on ALEPH Experiment (CERN) with Max Planck Institute for Physics, Munich and University of Siegen, Germany.  Research on QCD (multijet production, measurements of alpha_s, properties of hadronic Z decays).

1998-present, faculty member in Department of Physics, Royal Holloway, University of London.  1998-2007, research on BaBar experiment (tau physics, b -> s gamma); 2001-present, member of Particle Data Group (reviews on Statistics);  2004-present, research on ATLAS experiment (development of statistical methods, Higgs physics), 2017-present, Scientific Coordinator of INSIGHTS ITN.


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