Sep 20 – 24, 2021
Europe/Prague timezone

String Field Theory conference/workshop is an annual meeting for active researchers working in string field theory, worldsheet formalism, and related areas in physics and mathematics. This year, as a variation on the theme, it will also feature a lecture series and several talks on the application of homotopy algebras and Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism in ordinary quantum field theories.

The conference will be held entirely online over five days. The first two days will be dedicated to two lecture series. The final three days will feature 19 talks in the format of 25 +5 and a featured panel discussion.

Time slots will be reserved before and after the talks each day in order to facilitate discussions among the participants. Participants will also be able to communicate during the conference using the String Field Theory Zulip instance. A social event will happen on on Wednesday morning.

The participants are requested to register to obtain the links for Zoom and to Zulip.


  • String field theory
  • Worldsheet string theory
  • String amplitudes
  • Pure spinor formalism
  • Homotopy algebras in string theory and QFT

Talks are recorded and available on Youtube.

Link to previous workshop: Workshop on Fundamental Aspects of String Theory (June 2020, ICTP-SAIFR & IFT-UNESP, São Paulo, Brazil)


  • Subhroneel Chakrabarti (CEICO, Prague)
  • Harold Erbin (MIT & IAIFI, Boston; CEA-LIST, Paris)
  • Renann Lipinski Jusinskas (CEICO, Prague)
  • Jakub Vošmera (ETH, Zurich)