Anna Ferrari: CERN Science for Open Data

31/2-029 (CERN)



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Christina Bolanou (Panteion University (GR))

During the recent years, the technology has drastically transformed the way we interact with data. Our cars, our fridges, our vacuums and our phones, all are devices of daily life able to record, analyze and share data, and, in particular, a huge amount of data. At the same time, data, knowledge and science are becoming more and more available and open. We are in the era of Big Data and Openness!

What is openness and how do open knowledge and big data coexist? How can we extract value from these new entities? What is the impact in our daily life?

These, some of the main questions we will try to answer during this lecture. We will investigate how open knowledge and data have changed in history and we will explore the challenges of the new data perspective. We will experience the impact of such innovation through examples and facts of our daily life. Finally, we will discover CERN solutions to tackle most relevant data challenges.  

Anna Ferrari, Senior Fellow CERN openlab, Department IT, CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research. Anna Ferrari is a Statistician, Mathematician and Computer Scientist (Ph.D). She worked in many different fields, from finance to medical. During her Ph.D she focused on machine learning and deep learning techniques for human activity recognition and, more recently, for Parkinson’s disease severity classification using inertial data recorded from wearable devices.

Today, her research focuses on finding and integrating software solutions for improving and optimizing data and big data analysis workflows, with a particular accent on open and multidisciplinary science.



Anna Ferrari: CERN Science for Open Data
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      CERN Science for Open Data 1h 30m
      Speaker: Anna Ferrari (Universita & INFN, Milano-Bicocca (IT))