Lukas Breitwieser: BioDynaMo; From idea to implementation

31/2-029 (CERN)



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In this talk, Lukas presents the journey of the BioDynaMo project from the initial idea to its current implementation. BioDynaMo

( is an agent-based simulation platform with a focus on performance and modularity. This project is part of CERN’s knowledge transfer initiative, in which CERN applies its technologies and know-how for the benefit of other research fields.

Lukas will briefly introduce agent-based simulation, talk about evaluating a research idea, share software engineering best practices, and present the design and implementation of BioDynaMo.

Lukas Breitwieser is a researcher at CERN and ETH Zurich with a focus on high-performance and large-scale computing. He is one of the leading developers of BioDynaMo and made the first commit as CERN openlab summer student.

There is a live webcast for this event
    • 4:00 PM 5:30 PM
      BioDynamo: from idea to implementation 1h 30m
      Speaker: Lukas Breitwieser (CERN, ETH Zurich)