Opening Seminar of HITRIplus - CNAO



Manjit Dosanjh

Global general scientific seminars linked to the HITRIplus project activities organised in the context of WP2 Networking, Communication, Dissemination.


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    • 5:00 PM 5:05 PM
      Welcome Address 5m
      Speaker: Manjit Dosanjh
    • 5:05 PM 5:25 PM
      Importance of Transnational Access, status and perspectives of CNAO 20m
      Speaker: Sandro Rossi (Fondazione CNAO)
    • 5:25 PM 5:45 PM
      Clinical aspects - the use of carbon ions for the treatment of complex tumors: CNAO experience 20m
      Speaker: Dr Ester Orlandi (CNAO)
    • 5:45 PM 6:00 PM
      Discussion and Questions 15m
      Speaker: ALL