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REMOTE - Sociology Lecture 1: Gender inequality in the labor market (1/2)

by Dr Natalia Soboleva (HSE University)




Abstract Lecture 1:

In European countries women do not have lower education as compared to men and even achieve better results. Nevertheless, women are often less advantaged in making their career, less often occupy top positions and underrepresented in male occupations. In the lecture I will discuss the current situation with the gender inequality in the labor market including male and female participation rate, gender pay gap, and male and female career chances. The reasons for gender inequality in the labor market lie both different types of discrimination and motivation which results in self-discrimination. The labor market policies can also largely contribute to gender equality or inequality. Differences across countries will also be considered.

Short Bio of the speaker:

Natalia Soboleva holds a PhD in Economic Sociology and Demography from the Department of Sociology, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow). She is Senior Research Fellow at the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research and Senior Lecturer at the Graduate School of Business Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Her research interests include gender role attitudes, work values, life and job satisfaction, subjective well-being. Her work has been published in International and Russian peer-reviewed journals. In 2017 she has become a prizewinner of the Elizabeth H. Nelson Prize for the best paper from a society in transition for paper "Work Values and Job Preferences in Europe: Gender Aspect". She is National Program Director of European Values Study (EVS) in Russia, a member of theory and standing groups of EVS and the Editorial Board of the EVS- Brill Series.


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