Beam dynamics studies for a future THz-IR radiation source at TRIUMF


Abstract: This presentation aims at summarising the accelerator design and beam dynamics simulations for a potential and future THz-IR radiation source at TRIUMF. Since the current ARIEL e-linac is an ideal driver for an high power innovative photon source, the objective is to investigate reliable solutions that can be chosen envisaging a possible facility re-adaptation and considering a new electron source as a beam injector to the current accelerator complex. This ambitious project would evolve into an IR user facility, expanding and diversifying TRIUMF research program including material, chemical, biological sciences and industrial applications. The study would contribute to develop an expertise in the most advanced accelerator technologies, such as photo-emission based electron sources, production of high-brightness electron beams, advanced beam diagnostics. Also, it would pave numerous possibilities in existing and future collaborative projects, augmenting TRIUMF visibility in the scientific community. Finally, the project would foster potential improvement in e-linac reliability and stability, including rare-isotope beams (RIB) operation, enhancing overall efficiency of the linear accelerator with the simultaneous operation of ARIEL and THz facilities.

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    • 4:00 PM 4:30 PM
      Beam dynamics studies for a future THz-IR radiation source at TRIUMF 30m
      Speaker: Luca Garolfi (Uppsala University (SE))