First study of an ICS source based on CompactLight technology


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      First study of an ICS source based on Compact Light technology 30m

      Abstract: The potential applications of an Inverse Compton Scattering (ICS) source based on CompactLight’s X-band linac were investigated. To achieve this, simulations of ICS sources at the interaction point were done using RF-Track. Four existing or proposed sources were considered: CXLS at MIT, CBETA at Cornell, ThomX at Saclay, and ODU CLS at Old Dominium. X-ray energy, flux and brilliance were derived for each source and successfully benchmarked against reference values. This allowed for parametric scans to be computed given electron and laser beam parameters. Choosing as baseline parameters Compact Light’s X-band linac module and a 1 MW laser proposed by K. E. Deitrick for the ODU CLS, energy, flux and brilliance up to 3 MeV, 10^9 ph/s and 10^12 ph/(s mm^2 mrad^2 0.1% BW) could be obtained. Lastly, potential applications of ICS sources such as tomography, cancer therapy and protein crystallography were investigated. It was found that all possible applications would benefit from this new source, given its high flux and MeV X-ray energy.

      Speaker: Vlad-Costin Musat