RAL Tier1 Experiments Liaison Meeting

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RAL Tier1 Experiments Liaison Meeting
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Alastair Dewhurst
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    • 1:38 PM 1:39 PM
      Major Incidents Changes 1m
    • 1:39 PM 1:40 PM
      Summary of Operational Status and Issues 1m


      Speakers: Brian Davies (Lancaster University (GB)) , Darren Moore (Science and Technology Facilities Council STFC (GB))
    • 1:40 PM 1:41 PM
      GGUS /RT Tickets 1m


    • 1:41 PM 1:42 PM
      Site Availability 1m




    • 1:42 PM 1:43 PM
      Experiment Operational Issues 1m
    • 1:44 PM 1:45 PM
      VO-Liaison ATLAS 1m
      Speakers: James William Walder (Science and Technology Facilities Council STFC (GB)) , Dr Tim Adye (Science and Technology Facilities Council STFC (GB))
    • 1:46 PM 1:47 PM
      VO Liaison CMS 1m
      Speaker: Katy Ellis (Science and Technology Facilities Council STFC (GB))
    • 1:48 PM 1:49 PM
      VO Liaison LHCb 1m
      Speaker: Raja Nandakumar (Science and Technology Facilities Council STFC (GB))
      Title : Checksums using xrootd on ECHO taking a long time.
      Issue : As in title
      Status : Closed and waiting for LHCb to verify it works with production infrastructure.
      Title : FTS3 transfers Failed (RAL => CERN) RAL-LCG2
      Issue : Data corruption at RAL again. Cause of corruption understood as a race condition, but underlying cause still unknown.
      Status : On hold. Wait for end of year
      Title : FTS error: libX509SciTokensIssuer.so ...
      Issue : RAL FTS does not support macaroons. FTS upgrade needed at RAL.
      Resolution : Upgraded - to be tested by LHCb when Brian gets some information about authentication from FTS developers
      Status : Waiting for discussion with CERN
      Title : Proble accessing some LHCb files at RAL
      Issue : xrootd vector reads from CEPH (ECHO@RAL) not properly implemented.
      Status : Waiting for fix.
      Title : Singularity for LHCb at RAL 
      Issue : Singularity does not start at RAL as we run jobs within docker container.
      Status : Fix is to run docker with additional security options which are available only from docker v19.03. RAL currently runs docker v18.03. To be solved in the next month after various batch farm upgrades are finished.
      Title : Problem opening one file at RAL
      Issue : Using old version of xrootd client from the application point of view
      Status : Closed. Fix being developed on LHCb end.
      Other stuff
      TPC transfers tests with https using ECHO
      -- Mostly fine
      -- Some issues with transfers to CNAF
      Problem with arc-ce03 yesterday
      -- Fixed now - thanks Jose and Tom!
      -- Problem with hung gridftpd daemon
      No specific issue seen regarding job failures w.r.t. the docker version on the WNs
      Looking forward to http(s) access for ECHO (xrootd5)
      Waiting for CTA to go into production at RAL for testing tape access.
    • 1:52 PM 1:53 PM
      VO Liaison Others 1m
    • 1:53 PM 1:54 PM
      Experiment Planning 1m
    • 1:54 PM 1:55 PM
      Dune/protoDune 1m
    • 1:55 PM 1:56 PM
      Euclid 1m
    • 1:56 PM 1:57 PM
      SKA 1m
    • 1:57 PM 1:58 PM
      AOB 1m
    • 1:58 PM 1:59 PM
      Any other Business 1m
      Speakers: Brian Davies (Lancaster University (GB)) , Darren Moore (Science and Technology Facilities Council STFC (GB))