CERN openlab summer student Lightning talks (2nd session)

Tuesday, September 7, 2021 - 4:00 PM
Virtual Event - Zoom Only

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Sep 7, 2021
4:00 PM Welcome and introduction - Alberto Di Meglio (CERN)   (Virtual Event - Zoom Only)
4:05 PM BioDynaMo Lab - Muhammad Hassan Ahmed   (Virtual Event - Zoom Only)
4:12 PM BioDynaMo Benchmarking Environment - Damla Gozuk   (Virtual Event - Zoom Only)
4:19 PM Evaluation of HPC simulation tools for efficient and cost-effective resource provisioning - Miguel Perez De La Rubia   (Virtual Event - Zoom Only)
4:26 PM Implementation of Projects for Periodic Task Execution - Rodrigo Bermudez Schettino   (Virtual Event - Zoom Only)
4:33 PM Particle Tracking algorithms for Aviation Logistic Challenges - Lunara Nurgaliyeva   (Virtual Event - Zoom Only)
4:40 PM Performance Evaluation of TimescaleDB for Storage of Historical Data from WinCC OA SCADA Systems - Mehant Kammakomati   (Virtual Event - Zoom Only)
4:47 PM Unvealing new capabilities of the Oracle RESTFUL Data Services: GraalVM, third party authentication systems and integration with modern development frameworks - Marcel Ochsendorf   (Virtual Event - Zoom Only)
4:54 PM Managing Kubernetes Clusters in a multicloud environment - Daniel Vera Nieto   (Virtual Event - Zoom Only)
5:01 PM Open Source Cloud Costing Framework - Anastasiia Voronkova   (Virtual Event - Zoom Only)
5:08 PM Quantum Computing Simulation Benchmarks - Samuel Gonzalez Castillo   (Virtual Event - Zoom Only)
5:15 PM The QHACK project - Togan Tlimakhov Yusuf Andrei-Voicu Tomut Eraraya Ricardo Muten   (Virtual Event - Zoom Only)
5:25 PM Parkinson’s severity classification from wearable devices - Yayan Tan   (Virtual Event - Zoom Only)
5:32 PM The ATLAS detector as a muon fixed-target experiment: using generative models to simulate muonic force carriers - Tigran Ramazyan   (Virtual Event - Zoom Only)