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Controlling the CERN Accelerator Complex (1/4)

by Stephane Deghaye (CERN)


This lecture will introduce the system used to control the CERN Accelerator complex, spanning from particle sources to the LHC, including the CERN experimental areas. The overall architecture of the control system will be described, together with the variety of technologies employed. The lecture will also cover the challenges associated with keeping things running reliably, whilst adapting to a changing technological landscape and evolving requirements.

Short bio Stephane Deghaye

Stephane joined CERN in 1999 and has been working in the accelerator controls since then. After leading several key projects in the Controls group, he was the Accelerator Controls Technical Coordinator from 2016 until 2021 when he took the leadership of the Front-end Software and Timing section in the Controls Software & Services group within the Beams department. Stephane has a degree in Electronics Engineering and an MSc in Computer Science.


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