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Controlling the CERN Accelerator Complex (3/4)

by Remi Voirin (CERN)


Introduction to Containerization and its applications for CERN Accelerator Controls

Containerization is a far reaching and major trend in computing to package software code together with its dependencies, so that it can run consistently on any underlying infrastructure. In this lecture, we will explore technologies behind containerization as well as their purpose and added value. We will also cover challenges arising from the use of containerization, before going on to look at practical use cases for CERN Accelerator Controls and how to make the best out of these new technologies.

Short bio Rémi Voirin

Rémi Voirin is a Computing Infrastructure Engineer in CERN Accelerator Controls. After completing his Masters studies in Networks and Telecommunications at the University of Savoy, he began his career as a UNIX system administrator at Infomaniak, a Swiss web hosting company. He joined CERN in 2017 to participate in the renovation of infrastructure monitoring. Now, he takes care of the current operating system for Front-End Computers, and leads the Container project for Controls.


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