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REMOTE - Robotics activities at CERN - Tele-operation, control and haptics (2/5)

by Eloise Matheson (CERN)


Tele-operation, control and haptics

Teleoperation and the control of robots can be achieved in many ways, depending on the hardware used, the communications link, the software architecture and the operators themselves. This talk will present the basic engineering principles of teleoperation before diving into the application of haptic feedback – or the sense of touch. Haptic feedback can provide better immersion for the operators, allowing them to achieve tasks more intuitively and with finer control, but it can also introduce instabilities and further complexity to the architecture. Different applications of haptic feedback will be presented, showing where it can be useful and where it can be a disadvantage as well. Common primary devices (that the operators move to control the robot) and secondary devices (the robots themselves) will be presented.

Short bio Eloise Matheson

Eloise completed her Bachelor of Mechatronics Space Engineering and Bachelor of Science from the University of Sydney in 2010. After working as a systems engineer in Australia, she moved to Europe to undertake a Masters of Advanced Robotics from Warsaw University of Technology and Ecole Centrale de Nantes which she finished in 2014. Focusing on teleoperation, Eloise then started working at the European Space Agency in their robotics group, particularly studying how haptic interactions could help astronauts control robots over far distances. In 2017 she started a PhD in Surgical robotics for neurosurgery from Imperial College London, and after completion she began working at CERN in 2020, where she is a mechatronics engineer within the Mechatronics, Robotics and Operations section. 

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