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REMOTE - Robotics activities at CERN - Simulation and best practices for remote maintenance (5/5)

by Luca Rosario Buonocore (CERN)


Simulation and best practices for remote maintenance

To decrease human exposure to hazards in hostile environments, Remote Handling (RH) tasks ― the action of using a mechatronic device to execute remote-controlled operations ― are needed. At CERN, the BE-CEM group is responsible for planning and safely performing RH operations for remote maintenance. Based on the feedbacks retrieved by the many remote robotic interventions done on the field during the last years, a code of practice framework for remote maintenance has been created to assist design engineers with guidelines to be followed for machine components design to ensure compatibility with remote interventions. Such best practises can be applied also outside CERN, indeed to any environment where robots must dynamically interact with a known and designable environment. This talk will present the status of these best practises and will highlight how they can be applied to new installations at CERN.

Short bio Luca Rosario Buonocore

Luca Rosario Buonocore received the MD in electronic engineering in 2015, with a master thesis in real-time visual servoing recognition and tracking of aerial robotic platforms. He received a PhD degree in Computer and Automation Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II in 2015. His main research interests are the mechatronic design of novel robotic solutions, like mobile robotic platforms and ultralight robotic arms for areal manipulation.
In 2017, he started to work as a research fellow at CERN in the R&D robotic division of BE developing robotic solutions for inspection and maintenance. Right now he is a staff member at CERN as a robotic engineer in charge of robotic and mechatronic design for intervention in harsh environments.

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