Sep 20 – 24, 2021
Europe/Paris timezone

How to login to Indico

Registration and abstract submission requires you to be identified towards CERN's Indico system. There are plenty of options to do so.

  1. Full CERN account: Use your username and password, or your CERN Kerberos ticket, or your X.509 certificate linked with your CERN account.
  2. Lightweight CERN account: Use the e-mail address that identifies your lightweight account and the password that goes with it.
  3. Organisation or institution account: If you have an account at an organisation or institution within the EDUgain framework, you may be able to use it (provided it is part of SIRTFI, the Security Incident Response Trust Framework for Federated Identity). Check whether your organisation/institution is proposed.
  4. Public service accounts: In principle, you should be able to use your Facebook, Google, Microsoft Live, Yahoo or Orange identity. However it appears as if logins to Facebook, Yahoo and Orange currently do not work; logins to Google and Microsoft Live require Firefox or Safari, and do not work on Chrome and derived browsers such as Edge. For details, see this CERN outage report.

If you cannot identify via any of the methods above, you can easily create a CERN lightweight account:

  1. Visit CERN's lightweight accounts portal, fill the online registration form (only a valid e-mail address is mandatory), and submit the request.
  2. You will receive a mail with a confirmation link.
  3. Confirm using that link and set your password.

Via the lightweight accounts portal, you can also manage existing accounts, for example change the e-mail address or the password. If you created a lightweight account previously, this is much preferable over creating yet another one - multiple accounts of one and the same person tend to create confusion when it comes to granting rights in Indico.

In case you still have issues with identifying to Indico, please contact the support team.