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LHC Seminar

Recent searches for Higgs boson pair-production at ATLAS

by Katharine Leney (Southern Methodist University (US))

222/R-001 (CERN)



Filtration Plant
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Since the discovery of the Higgs boson by the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations in 2012, a major focus in particle physics has been understanding its interactions.  Tremendous progress has been made in determining the strength of the Higgs bosons couplings to fermions and vector bosons, but its self‐interaction has yet to be established.  Understanding the Higgs self‐coupling and the form of the potential function of the Higgs field will allow us to explore why the Higgs boson acquires a vacuum expectation value, and, critically, whether we live in a stable universe.  The most natural way to probe the Higgs self‐interaction is via searches for Higgs boson pair‐production, HH.    
The latest ATLAS HH searches reported in this seminar bring substantial improvements over previous results.  In the case of non-resonant HH searches, results are interpreted both in terms of sensitivity to the Standard Model and as limits on the Higgs boson self-coupling.  Search results on new resonances decaying into pairs of Higgs bosons are also reported.

The seminar will take place in "hybrid format" with the speaker present in-person in the Filtration Plant (222/R-001). Note that the occupancy is currently limited to 40 people due to hygiene rules.  If you want to attend in person you must register.

Organized by

Michelangelo Mangano, Monica Pepe-Altarelli and Pedro Silva.

LHC Seminar - ATLAS
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  • Adelina Eleonora Lintuluoto
  • Alessandra Betti
  • Alexander Morton
  • Ali El Moussaouy
  • Amine Ahriche
  • Eugene Proskurins
  • Fatima Bendebba
  • Fiona Ann Jolly
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  • Jem Aizen Mendiola Guhit
  • Jia Jian Teoh
  • Marisilvia Donadelli
  • Monica Pepe-Altarelli
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  • Muhammad Farooq
  • Pamela Ferrari
  • Pedro Vieira De Castro Ferreira Da Silva
  • Roy Lemmon
  • Shahzad Ali
  • Siddhesh Sawant
  • Silvia Tentindo
  • Stefano Manzoni
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