September 14, 2021
Europe/Zurich timezone

The workshop is dedicated to discussion on the recent observation of the exotic doubly charmed tetraquark $T_{cc}^+$.   The main purpose of the workshop is to summarize our current knowledge, both experimental and theoretical, on double heavy tetraquark system, including the properties of the $T_{cc}^+$ tetraquark and  discuss the next steps. 

  1. LHCb-PAPER-2021-031, arXiv:2109.01038
  2. LHCb-PAPER-2021-032, arXiv:2109.01056

The workshop is scheduled at the same date after the CERN LHC seminar, where the observation of the $T_{cc}^+$  tetraquark and measurement of its properties  is reported.  

Due to COVID-19, workshop is purely virtual, on-line only

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