September 3, 2021
Asia/Karachi timezone

Zoom link:

The event will start at 9.30 AM (Pakistani time) on 3rd September 2021. 

The University of Karachi is organizing a two-hour online program for *University bachelor students* to familiarize them with recent progress in particle and accelerator physics. A friendly competition along with a virtual tour of the ATLAS will also be taking place. All the participants will get a participation certificate.

The competition will be comprised of three activities.

  • Particle Clicker Game (20% weightage)
  • Rapid Quiz on Particle Physics (50% weightage)
    • 51 questions in 15 minutes. The quiz will come from the talk and information boxes that appeared in the Particle Clicker game
  • Bubble Chamber Track Inspection (30% weightage)


First-year category: 

  1. Sania Shehzad (University of Karachi)
  2. Syed Ali Asghar (University of Karachi)
  3. Aqsa Arif (Fatima Jinnah Women University)

Second-year category

  1. Muhammad Huzaifa Naeem (NUST)
  2.  Nasir Ali Naqvi (NUST)
  3. Manahil Nadeem (University of Karachi)

Third-year category

  1. Zain Khalid (Islamic University of Bawalpur)
  2. Usman Hasan (Air University Islamabad)
  3. Salman Ahmad Bhutta (Air University Islamabad)

There were fewer participants in the fourth-year category thus we are not announcing the top 3 participants in this category. 



**Only first-year students are entitled to cash prizes. 

Event was organized by Hamza Hanif, Bilal Khan, Waqar Ali and Rimsha Shaikh with the help of Centralized Science Laboratory, University of Karachi.