IRIS-HEP AGC Tools 2021 Workshop

Alexander Held (New York University (US)), Oksana Shadura (University of Nebraska Lincoln (US))

The IRIS-HEP AGC Tools 2021 Workshop is dedicated to showcasing tools and workflows related to the so-called “Analysis Grand Challenge” (AGC) being organised by IRIS-HEP and partners. The AGC focuses on running a physics analysis at scale, including the handling of systematic uncertainties, binned statistical analysis, reinterpretation and end-to-end optimization. The AGC makes use of new and advanced analysis tools developed by the community in the Python ecosystem, and relies on the development of the required cyberinfrastructure to be executed at scale. A specific goal of the AGC is to demonstrate technologies envisioned for use at the HL-LHC.

The agenda will be composed of hands-on tutorials based on various tools and services developed in the Python ecosystem by and for the particle physics community, and room to discuss the current status of projects and interfaces. This includes chances to discuss and identify things that may be missing to allow you to implement your specific use case in the envisioned workflows.

We expect the following libraries and tools to be included:

The number of participants for this event is limited to ensure the availability of hardware resources for all participants. Preference will be given to participants who have some experience with the ecosystem, and material will be provided ahead of the workshop to cover some basics. We furthermore aim to have a balance in participants between ATLAS and CMS. You are welcome to register also if you are not a member of ATLAS or CMS, however there will be two parallel tracks dedicated to ATLAS and CMS on the second day, without another generic parallel track for members of other experiments.

The deadline for registrations is extended to Nov 1st.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch! You can find email addresses of the organizers below.


You can find recordings attached to this agenda for each contribution, or check out the IRIS-HEP AGC Tools 2021 Workshop playlist on YouTube.

  • Abdualazem Fadol Mohammed
  • Abhijith Gandrakota
  • Alessia Saggio
  • Alexander Held
  • Andrew Wightman
  • Andrew Wildridge
  • Anil Panta
  • Ankita Mehta
  • Antoine Baptiste Lesauvage
  • Austin Edwin Townsend
  • Benjamin Galewsky
  • Brent Yates
  • Brian Omar Cruz Rodriguez
  • Burt Holzman
  • Carl Lundstedt
  • Carlos Maltzahn
  • Carolyn Gee
  • Casey Morean
  • Caterina Doglioni
  • Charlotte Ann Cooke
  • Cheng Jiang
  • Clemens Lange
  • Cristina Ana Mantilla Suarez
  • Daniel Ocampo Henao
  • Daniil Ponomarenko
  • David Koch
  • Davide Valsecchi
  • Doug Benjamin
  • Edison James Weik
  • Ekrem Orhan Demiray
  • Emery Nibigira
  • Engin Eren
  • Estefany Nunez
  • Fengping Hu
  • Gage DeZoort
  • Giles Chatham Strong
  • Giordon Holtsberg Stark
  • Hamlet Mkrtchyan
  • Huilin Qu
  • Ianna Osborne
  • Ilija Vukotic
  • Irina Espejo Morales
  • Jacob Wayne Johnson
  • Jerry Ling
  • Jim Pivarski
  • Judita Mamuzic
  • Kenneth Bloom
  • Kilian Lieret
  • Kyungeon Choi
  • Lawrence Ng
  • Leonardo Cristella
  • Lothar A.T. Bauerdick
  • Luiz Regis Emediato
  • Maria Acosta Flechas
  • Mark Neubauer
  • Martha Cecilia Duran Osuna
  • Mason Proffitt
  • Masoumeh Tavakoli
  • Massimiliano Galli
  • Matteo Marchegiani
  • Matthew Bellis
  • Matthew Feickert
  • Matthew James Wilson
  • Matthias Komm
  • Michael William Carrigan
  • Michel Hernandez Villanueva
  • Mirco Tracolli
  • Mohammad Mehdi Hajimaghsoud
  • Muhammad Junaid
  • Nathan Daniel Simpson
  • Nick Manganelli
  • Nick Smith
  • Nikolai Hartmann
  • Norman Molina
  • Ofer Rind
  • Oksana Shadura
  • Patrick Koppenburg
  • Paul Feichtinger
  • Peter Elmer
  • Philip Chang
  • Ram Krishna Dewanjee
  • Ram Krishna Sharma
  • Remco de Boer
  • Robert William Gardner Jr
  • Rocky Bala Garg
  • Sayanta Neogi
  • Sjing-Ge Shiu
  • Suchandra Thapa
  • Sudhir Malik
  • Sukeerthi Dharani
  • Suzanne Rosenzweig
  • Tal van Daalen
  • Thomas Paul
  • Tomas Atehortua Garces
  • Tommaso Tedeschi
  • Torre Wenaus
  • Tres Reid
  • Yi-Mu Chen
  • Yihui Lai
  • Yongbin Feng
  • Yuzhan Zhao
  • Zubair Bhatti