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DD4hep Developers Meeting



Andre Sailer (CERN) , Markus Frank (CERN)

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DD4hep Developers Meeting
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Marko Petric
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Present:  M.Frank, T.Madlener, A.Sailer, C.Vuosalo

1) Pending problems

1.1) Pending problems reported by Sang Hyun Ko:
     - Cannot setup Birk's constant as material property.
     - No analogy to G4PVParametrized. Unclear if a solution is possible.
1.2) Add GFlash parameterisation to DDG4 (issue #802)
1.3) Problems with ROOT-python compatibilities (issue 842)
1.4) DDG4: isotropic gun distribution also forces uniform momentum distribution #862

2)    Closed issues and fixed problems

2.1) [CMS] Certain warnings not needed because they report intended behavior (issue #844)
       ==> Solved internally in CMS-SW
       ==> Changes to test for rotations in DD4hep un-done (Markus)

2.2) Difficulty properly aligning daughter volumes with trap (issue #837)
       ==> Closed, no action
2.3) DD4hep ignores tiny rotation for placed volume #870 --> is now reversed (Markus Frank)
       ==> Closed

3) Round table

3.1) Carl:     Warning issues still present from change of units. Is it possible to demote it to INFO ?
                    See issue #844
3.2) Andre:    NTR
3.3) Thomas: Investigating GFlash. Try to bring findings back to DD4hep.
3.4) Markus: Simplification of expression evaluator.

4) AOB


Next meeting in 2 weeks    28.October 2021

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      Around the table 20m