Run 3 Core meeting


Link to Run3 CERNbox


Homework to do before meeting: 

Each work package should meet separately beforehand and decide on: 

- List of sub workpackages

- Owners of each sub workpackages -> send to Anais beforehand (if possible by Friday 12 November)

- Estimate of associated budget (including baseline budget, + nice to have + bells & whistles options) -> send to Zory beforehand

- Potential list of needs for Fabienne's workpackage


Agenda of 17 November meeting: 

- Chair: Anais

- Presentation by Ana of how Run 3 fits and wider Higgs10 strategy

- Brief overview by each work package of their sub-workpackages, sub-WP owners, and estimated budgets

- Discussion on delay to Run3, and how this could affect the event and how to integrate this into a joint Higgs10 strategy

- Decision on timeline and next meeting

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