Higgs10 / Run 3 Core meeting


Link to Run3 CERNbox

We discussed 3 potential scenarios to present to management:

1)    Run3 live and Higgs@10 conference on same day
2)    Run3 live and Higgs@10 conference on 2 consecutive days
3)    Run3 live 2-3 weeks before Higgs@10 conference

Homework to do before meeting: 

Each work package should meet separately beforehand and prepare pros and cons related to: 

- messaging - what is interesting to the media? 

- production & logistics

- costs

Two groups (Paola/Jacques & Anais/Sophie/Daniela) to send your comments to Ana by email beforehand.


Agenda of 17 November meeting: 

- Chair: Ana

- Discussion of pros and cons of each proposal

- Decision on what to present to management (all three options? less? only one?)

- Decision on timeline and next meeting

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