Jul 18 – 22, 2022
ENS de Lyon
Europe/Paris timezone

Parallel sessions

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    • Monday
      D) Black holes: Javier Olmedo, Alejandro Perez, and Wolfgang Wieland
      B) Quantum gravity amplitudes: Jonathan Engle, Christophe Goeller, and Muxin Han

    • Tuesday
      D) Cosmology and phenomenology: Mercedes Martín-Benito and Ivan Agullo
      B) Quantum information and quantum gravity in the lab: Eugenio Bianchi, Philipp Hoehn, and Daniele Oriti

    • Thursday
      D) Mathematical general relativity: Miguel Campiglia, Kristina Giesel, and Simone Speziale
      B) Quantum cosmology and black holes: Tomasz Pawlowski, Mehdi Assanioussi, and Edward Wilson-Ewing

    • Friday
      D) Structure of quantum gravity: Bianca Dittrich and Daniele Pranzetti
      B) Models and numerics: Pietro Dona and Cong Zhang