ASP Online Seminars: Topics in models with extended Higgs sectors

by Dr Jaouad El Falaki (Ibn Zohr University, Morocco)



The first LHC run with 7/8 TeV and the second one with 13 TeV were successful operations which led to the discovery of a new scalar particle including the recent observation of its production in association with top quarks and its decay to b quarks among other achievements.  The LHC program has already performed several precise measurements in term of production cross sections and branching fractions.  These measurements demonstrate that the Standard Model(SM) works well to explain these observed phenomena at the electroweak scale. However, there are several evidences both theoretical and experimental which indicate that the SM could not be the ultimate theory. Instead, the SM should be viewed as a low energy effective theory of some more complete and fundamental one yet to be discovered. It is believed that a precise measurement of Higgs boson productions and decays can be a promising probe both to test the prediction of the SM as well as to search for new physics beyond the SM. In order to benefit from these high precision measurements, we require high precision predictions from theory, this means that for most processes, we need to go beyond leading order computations, therefore full one-loop contributions are so crucial for physics analyses at future colliders.

Organized by

Dr. Jaouad El Falaki (ASP2014 Alumnus)

  • Asmaa Aboulhorma
  • Diallo Boye
  • Farida Fassi
  • Hamza Abouabid
  • Herman B White
  • Jaouad El Falaki
  • Kayode DADA
  • Ketevi Adikle Assamagan
  • Matt Connell
  • Matt Connell
  • Mohamed Krab
  • Mohamed Zaazoua
  • Mohammed Boukidi
  • Rafik Er-rabit
  • Salah-Eddine Dahbi
  • Xola Mapekula
  • Yassine El Ghazali
  • Zainab Soumaimi
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