ASP Online Seminars: Iron sulphide functionalized polyaniline nanocomposite for the removal of Eosin Y from water—equilibrium and kinetic studies

by Dr Bernice Yram Danu (University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani, Ghana)



Iron sulphide functionalized polyaniline nanocomposite was successfully synthesized using the in-situ polymerization technique for the removal of organic dye from water. A variety of advanced analytical techniques such as SAED, TEM, SEM, FTIR, XRD and BET measurements were used to characterize the materials. Eosin yellow (EY) dye was used as a model for organic dye. Thermodynamic and kinetic studies using the batch approach were performed on the adsorption of eosin yellow from aqueous solutions using the nanocomposite. The results indicated that the adsorption followed a monolayer adsorption (Langmuir isotherm model) and a pseudo-second order kinetic model. The thermodynamic properties exhibited by the adsorption process revealed that the process was endothermic (∆H°,11.84 kJ/mol), there was a low level of disorderliness (∆S°, 0.044 kJ/mol) and was thermodynamically viable and spontaneous (∆G°, -1.49 kJ/mol.K to -2.28 kJ/mol.K ) within the range of temperatures used in the study. The results showed that the functionalization of the nanoparticles and incorporation into the polymer matrix increased its adsorptive capacity. The results attained suggest the potential use of polymer-based nanocomposites for the treatment of wastewater.

Organized by

Dr. Bernice Yram Danu (ASP2014 Alumna)

  • Adraoui Imane
  • Ali Akbar Firoozi
  • Almaw Ayele Aniley
  • Bernice Yram Danu
  • Charles Kwame Bandoh
  • Dalal Yousif khudhur
  • Daniel Kpehe Bolay
  • Diallo Boye
  • Dr. Dina Mostafa Mohammed
  • Evance Obara
  • Farid Mzee Mpatani
  • Herman White
  • Jean Baptiste FANKAM FANKAM
  • Joseph Asare
  • Kayode DADA
  • Ketevi Adikle Assamagan
  • Lesego Mmualefe
  • Marwa Elbadry
  • Moustafa Mohamed Elmasri
  • Mqondisi Moyo
  • Nonso Livinus
  • Nour Attia
  • Onyekachi Nwakanma
  • Sally Elashery
  • Samson Aisida
  • Sonia Palmira Dos Santos Pereira
  • Tolessa Mengistu
  • Winny Maboya
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