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Les Robertson (CERN)
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    • 08:30 08:40
      Architecture of the Tier-2s within NDGF 10m
      (how do they appear to the rest of the world? as single sites with a CE and SE?)
    • 08:40 09:10
      Storage element 30m
      • Status of the virtual Storage Element that presents NDGF as a single site for storage management and data access
      • Analysis of the internal data rates within the NDGF Tier-1
        (some concern that these may be higher than currently assumed)
      • Operation of the File Transfer Service for communication with other Tier-1s (ATLAS) and other Tier-2s (potentially for ATLAS, definitely for CMS if NDGF is a CMS Tier-1)
      • Implementation of the ATLAS data placement model
        (RAW data and all its derivatives at the same site)
      • Implementation of the base SRM functionality (SRM v 2.2) and storage classes
      • Provision of a catalog equivalent to LFC for ATLAS
    • 09:10 09:20
      Progress and plans for the distributed database service for ATLAS in NDGF 10m
      (3D project)
    • 09:20 09:30
      Provision of site availability metrics 10m
    • 09:30 09:40
      Model for NDGF daily operation and integration with the LCG/EGEE grid operations services 10m
    • 09:40 09:50
      Accounting plans 10m
      see accounting presentations at the GDB (06dec06, 09jan07) and the discussions and decisions at the MB (19dec06, 08jan07)
      • Integration of cpu accounting with the APEL repository at the GOC
      • User-level accounting
      • Storage accounting
    • 09:50 10:00
      Implementation of scheduling priorities based on VOMS groups and roles 10m
    • 10:00 10:10
      Installation schedule for 2007 10m
    • 10:10 10:40
      Status and plans for testing the distributed Tier-1 functionality and integrating into the ATLAS and ALICE services 30m
    • 10:40 10:50
      Organisational and management issues 10m
      • Is it clear now how CMS fits in to NDGF, organisationally and technically?
      • Formal resource commitments for the Nordic countries and signing the MoU
      • NDGF representation in the WLCG Overview Board, and Computing Resource Review Board
      • Does NDGF feel adequately represented in the various WLCG boards, committees and meetings, and does it feel that it is well enough informed about the activity of the project?
    • 10:50 11:00
      Conclusion and next steps 10m