2010-10-07 JRA1 Task Leader TelCon

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Morris Riedel
Minutes are available and attached. Slides about development and test plan are attached.

11:00 a.m. - 12:30 a.m.

- Morris
- John White
- Patrick
- Andre
- Marco
- Andrea

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Updates from PEB/PTB/ECB

Public Minutes:

PEB Minutes:

PEB Deliverable
- we require first an internal review
- then external review
- default settings: Francesco (SA1), Alberto (SA2)
- PO does the review contact & tracking, etc. (not area leaders)

PTB -> Overall Workplan
- https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/EMI/DeliverableDNA131
- in-sync with technical area

PTB -> SAGA Affair

- PT created

- arclibclients
- infosites
- PTB Ad-hoc Balazs, Tuesday morning - 1 hour, discussed,

-- (Balazs in NorduGrid Workshop)

- Minutes of extraordinary PTB meeting and decisions online:



- Clarification: overall architectural roadmap, but not concrete development plans
- JRA1: concrete development plans --> (c) - end of October

- how does this related with the software release plan

- software release plan --> produced by SA1 (Christina)
-- timeline, releases
-- overlap!
-- Andrea - which component in which release EMI-1

TBD Morris : to get in touch with Christina, release manager (DSA2.1) - get JRA1 Leaders in the loop

Short updates of JRA1 Tasks & Debrief Deliverable Status

Done: Compute - In Review (Marco)
Review by Michel Drescher (TM of EGI)
Others pending still
Waiting for all reviews to arrive

Done: Data - In Review (Patrick)
Review not done yet
others pending still

Not fully Done: Infrastructure....Postpone
Status: Done, but PO wants us to integrate the latest-greatest messaging statements, EMI-O, EMI-1 no messaging components, prototype work
Laurence integrating this

Done: Security: Security in review
- internal review
- then external one

Basically Done: Standardization
- Update SIENA initiative - common standardization, EMI contributes,
- available on the wiki page
- finally agreed on Friday
- https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/pub/EMI/EMIJRA1T6DJRA151/2010-10-06_EMI_DJRA1.5.1_v2.doc
- TBD ALL : recommendation to look at the executive summary of the standardization deliverable

In Progress: Integration and Interoperability Deliverable
- some sections ready
- matrices filled with information
- final draft next week

In Progress: Quality Control
- quality is important - it takes time
- Andrea: final draft thisweek ok
- start the internal JRA1 review, fine, 80%

Earlier discussed:
Previous material collected
- Patrick (Data) -> Done
- Laurence (Information) -> Done
- Massimo (Compute) -> Done
- John (Security) -> similiar like Laurence

Observation: Difficult to get information out of the PT teams.

Postpone to (c)

Continuation of the JRA1 development plans & Task lists for EMI-1 as a high priority in JRA1 (ECB input!)

First four technical areas, then cross concerns and standardization/integration plans

Second, test plans and quality control aspects in context.

Third, how we progress significantly with this - perhaps mostly using e-mail & phone calls

Goal: Development plans ready by end of October as discussed in Amsterdam.

TBD Morris : Upload slides

TBD Morris : Test plan discussion with Andrea 

Possible preparations for EMI Arch F2F at CERN

- Apart from send input for development plan ok

Patrick: Maybe a milestone would be late

- Informed Florida

bi-weekly JRA1 conference unless some urgent topic (e.g. development plan if we see we have no progress)
- not everybody always present due to conferences (that's life and can't be really changes)

- over time participation is important, missing one meeting is not a problem


- nothing


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