JRA1 all-ears status meeting II - Security, Infra and Cross

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JRA1 all-ears cont'd. The status of security, infra and cross area development tasks will be assessed.
JRA1 all-ears 26.10.12 Present: Balazs (chair), Jon (minutes), Michelle, Krysztof, Paolo, John W, Weizhong, Patrick, Christina, David, Martin, Aleksandr, Bernd, Florido, Mischa, Oscar, Will, Phone bridge Minutes: This is the continuation of the last week's all-ears. We'll go through the remaining Security, Infra and Cross area tasks. Security: 31708: CANl support for sha2, defult keysize and ocsp - not problematic 31930: Proxy-handling features for WMS - no-one present 31929: Proxy-handling features for WNoDeS - no-one present, stays in no-response 31928: Proxy-handling features for VOMS - yes 31925: Proxy-handling features for StoRM - no-one present (Michelle dropped out) 31924: Proxy-handling features for Hydra - no 31923: Proxy-handling features for Pseudonymity - done 31921: Proxy-handling features for l&b - no-one present but 90%, not a problem 31919: Proxy-handling features for gLite proxy renewal - already problematic, no clear understanding of the task 31918: Proxy-handling features for gLite-gsoap/gss - problematic 31917: Proxy-handling features for gLexec WN - ongoing 31916: Proxy-handling features for lcg_util - done 31915: Proxy-handling features for FTS - problematic, needs to be clarified at all-hands (no clear understanding) 31912: Proxy-handling features for Delegation Java - no-one present 31911: Proxy-handling features for dCache server - no (but will clearly be allowed to continue after code freeze) 31910: Proxy-handling features for CREAM - no (external dependency problem) 31908: Proxy-handling features for ARGUS - no-one present 31907: Proxy-handling features for ARC Core - no (ocsp missing) 32302: EMI XACML profile support in CREAM - yes (trivial task, but need XACML profile to be frozen, will be discussed at AHM) 31707: XACML profile with actions - no (needs to be fixed at AHM) 23379: EMI XACML profile support in ARGUS - no-one present Infrastructure: 34914: GLUE2 LDAP DIT & schema finalization - no (work is ongoing but not by code freeze) 31619: Infrastructure area consolidation: ARC and Top BDII integration - no (same) 31618: Accounting record publisher for StoRM - no (working on it) 31617: Accounting record publisher for DPM - no-one present (but should be done) 31616: Accounting record publisher for dCache - done 31615: Accounting record publisher for UNICORE - no (implemented but not tested, waiting for CAR and test end-point from APEL) 30807: Publish UNICORE information through LDAP GLUE2 - yes 29325: EMI storage acconting record (StAR) profile - yes 29322: EMI compute acconting record (CAR) update and profile - no 22626: Modification of the accounting publishers: CAR and StAR support in APEL - no (the format is not ready yet) 29326: Accounting record publishers: The protocol - yes (there is a specification just needs a statement that the protocol is ready, should be done in all-hands) 22622: Modification of the accounting publishers: messaging-based APEL - no-one present Cross: (we go through objectives for cross area to save time) 30830: X19: Mandatory configuration variables - move all not-done tasks to problematic today (so still time to move to done) 30829: X18: EMIR rollout - dedicated session at all-hands, all not-started-task owners should attend the session to see what you need to do, no development should be needed. Will ask then if possible within a week, if no task will be moved to problematic 21823: X4: Nagios probes for EMI services - Hydra development is now done, certification lifetime (task 21891) no clear understanding of the task 21822: X3: EMI delegation method - yes (only missing document update in tracker) 30832: X20: EMI tarballs - closing as cancelled (agreed to be done by externals (WLCG)) 21826: X7: Port products to additional platforms - can be done after code freeze 21825: X6: standard service operation and control - no-one present from argus-ees 21820: X1: publish version information - no-one present for DPM, LFC, FTS 30835: X23: EMI API set - still problematic, can be done after code freeze X21: CRL handling of EMI services: - 31949: CRL handling of WMS - no response - 31947: CRL handling of WNoDeS - no response - 31943: CRL handling of StoRM - done - 31935: CRL handling of CREAM - done 21838: X17: Migration to the EMI_authlib - the tasks will be updated in the all-hands 30836: X24: EMI appliances - done (one appliance for l&b was done) 21835: X15: Increase performance of EMI services - 24126: Increase performance of UNICORE XNJS - cancelled (will be done but not within EMI) - 23843: Increase performance: WMS performance report - no response - 24121: Increase performance of A-REX - done (improving steps should be mentioned in release notes) 21827: X8: Improved usability of EMI products - problematic, no-one worked on it yet 21837: X16: Evolve EMI components - 32301: Evolve EMI products: EDGI plugin for UNICORE - no (just packaging missing, no development needed so expected to be part of EMI3) - 32136: Evolve EMI product: code consolidation of LCAS/LCMAPS/EES - done (the parts that will be in EMI 3 are done) - 32135: Evolve EMI product: virtualization plugin for ARGUS-EES - no response - 31620: Evolve EMI components: Re-engineer ARC infosys startup script - no response - 31521: Evolve EMI products: ARC CE LRMS framework cleanup - no response - 30808: Evolve EMI products: SLURM support for CREAM - problematic (missing yaim module, should discuss if we need yaim module at all-hands) - 24122: Evolve EMI products: HA CREAM - problematic (should be discussed at all-hands) - 23855: Evolve EMI products: messaging library prototype - no response At the end we went through all tasks. The next step will be after the code freeze for the JRA1 management to go through all problematic/no-response tasks and decide if further development will be allowed.
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